Ashortwalk Recycled Time and Tide Clock

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Slate Look Recycled Time & Tide Clock By Ashortwalk

Recycled Slate Look Time & Tide Clock By Ashortwalk

The entire ashortwalk recycled range is hand crafted in the UK and made from vending machine coffee cups direct from the national Save-A-Cup scheme. This innovative new material has a lovely solid, heavy, earthy feel, very much like slate.
ashortwalk are committed to sourcing and developing innovative new materials aimed at saving our wonderful planet, but at the same time providing unique, clean, beautiful products that seek to improve both our home and global environment.
At work buy one vended cup of coffee today, drink the coffee, place the plastic cup in the recycling bin, and see if it’s home time on your wall clock made from plastic cups next week. The recycling loop has been closed.
The recycled Tide Clock is a classy statement. From surfing, to sailing, to sandcastles, we all need to know what the tide is doing. Synchronised to the lunar cycle, the tide clock provides an innovative and convenient guide to tides.
Simply set the 'tide' hand to the full tide position at exactly high tide for your chosen location, then throw away your tide table!
The quartz-driven hand will rotate every 12 hours and 25 minutes around the coffee cup fascia, giving you the state of the tide at a glance.

How to set your Ashortwalk time & tide clock
1. Wait until the day of a full moon
2. Set the time of the high tide on the clock hands
3. Put the tide hand up to the 'high' position
4. Change the time hands back or fowards to the correct time, the tide hand will automatically adjust to the correct tide state. Your clock is set.
5. Tide clocks only work as a guide, for maximum accuracy check and adjust your clock every full moon.

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Ashortwalk Recycled Time and Tide Clock
Ashortwalk Recycled Time and Tide Clock
Ashortwalk Recycled Time and Tide Clock