This Is Home Surf DVD By Nathan Apffel

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This Is Home Surf DVD By Nathan Apffel

"The first thing that strikes you when watching This is Home - is the vividness of the colors.

It’s not just blue, it’s that blue that shows up only on the Gold Coast. This is what happens when you have a filmmaker who knows his craft and picks the right spots, as Nathan Apffel has done in This is Home. It’s a must see that we’re surprised hasn’t gotten more press.

In This is Home, Apffel, along with a number of surfers, head out to venture away from home in Australia, Mexico, Costa Rica, on the definitive surfing road trip. These surfers feel just as much at home away as they do back home in California. With most surf films, you feel like you’re watching some other surfers’ road trip on TV, because…well…you are. With this surfing film, you feel like you’re sitting on the beach watching an expert crew of surfers rip apart the waves, or perched behind some rocks watching surfers in the distance. Nicely done.

The second thing that strikes you when listening to This is Home is that Apffel has picked a pretty bitchin soundtrack to accompany the surfing. On many of the tracks, I was cycling to the web searching for the soundtrack, asking: “Who is this band?” This goes for the title track, as well, which plays in the last chapter of the film. The first song that rocks is by a band called the Stairwells entitled - “Connected”. I also really dug the inclusion of Disorder Here We Come by the Drowning Men. No matter what style of music you like with your surf breakfast cereal, Apffel has you covered. Hard charging follows in chapters where the surfers get towed at some pretty big waves. It all fits well.

This is Home also features some pretty cool use of time lapse photography. Up close to ants devouring a dead bee, drops of water on a tropical leaf or clouds moving over breaking surf (where you’re not, right now.) There were some huge waves, nicely formed tubes and ripable dribblers, as well. There are gratuitous shots of the surfers getting worked over, and one wonders if Apffel didn’t do that just to poke the guys in the eye. These guys are great surfers, but it’s also nice to see them bail from time to time!

Unlike most surfing movies, This is Home leaves us guessing as to where, exactly, they scored some perfect waves. In most cases, it’s easy enough to guess (Add local airline shot plus geography gives you certain spots on the Gold Coast - I think…) but I’m happy to see that a lot is left unspoken.

Featuring the amazing surfing of Brian Conley, Che Stang, Josh Montgomery, Tyler Moyer and Gabe Garcia (among others), I hope that Apffel put down the camera from time to time to get in some sick sessions. Cutbacks, tube rides, fakies - it’s all here.

If there’s been a surfing movie has reviewed that makes you want to get away from the crappy waves, cold water and crowds that surround you and venture out somewhere, This is Home is it." - Review from

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This Is Home Surf DVD By Nathan Apffel

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