Magma Surf Wax Cool Water 4 Block Pack

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Magma Surf Wax Cool Water (14-19 degrees C)
90 gram blocks
4 Blocks Made with organic soy

3 easy breakaway pieces (or use them as is for quick texture)
Tropical Banana Scent
Recycled and Recyclable packaging
Non-toxic ingredients

Here are some of the things Magmas are doing and the reason they are doing them:

Our first big decision was choosing to pour our wax into RPET (recycled and recyclable containers) containers instead of hand wrapping in paper. There are several important reasons for this. One reason is that pouring into a container removes the need for refrigeration thus reducing our energy and floor space consumption and thereby reducing our carbon footprint. We chose the use of recycled material instead of other options such as biopolymers (organic plastics) for two important reasons: 1. There is an abundance of plastic waste in the US that is destined for landfills, rivers, beach and roadsides and recycling as much of our waste is very important of the near term solution. 2. While biopolymers are the future of plastics currently the manufacturing processes of the materials cause their own environmental problems. We look forward to working with these materials in the future as they improve.
Another step in our approach has been the addition of natural ingredient into the formulation of our wax.

We have chosen to begin replacing much of our paraffin with 100% organic U.S. soy.

The main assumed problem with paraffin in that it is petroleum based which maintains our reliance on the petroleum producers and all of the associated problem therein.

Soy has proven to be a great substitute and has actually brought unforeseen traction characteristics that have proven beneficial to the MAGMA formula. By buying from U.S. farmers we are also reducing the transportation time and distance of our raw materials thus reducing over all fuel consumption.

The real secret to the leading waxes dominating surfing today are the additives. While these represent a small percent of the wax itself they are what make the wax sticky, tacky and bumpy. We are finding natural, non-toxic and biodegradable alternatives to the common wax additives of the past and in doing so improving the performance.

You don’t have to sacrifice performance to save the Earth. You just have to try a little harder. We are confident that is just what we're doing.

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Magma Surf Wax Cool Water 4 Block Pack

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