Windstorm Safety Whistle

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The Windstorm is ideal for Backpackers, Surfers, Paddleboarders, Sailors, Emergency Workers and can also be used as a personal attack alarm.

Wind Storm Safety Whistle

When being heard could be a matter of life or death you can be safe in the knowledge that you are carrying one of the loudest safety whistles in the world. The Windstorm is made from high impact thermoplastic and can be heard above crowds, howling wind or virtually any other competing sound to draw immediate attention. These whistles will perform in any wet or dry environment. Sound will discharge on or below water. The Windstorm is a more compact, slightly less powerful version of the original Storm Whistle.

The Windstorm is ideal for Backpackers, Surfers, Paddleboarders, Sailors, Emergency Workers and can also be used as a personal attack alarm. There is no worry about signal, batteries or other technical failure - if you fall off your mountain trail bike and end up injured in a ravine, this whistle will get you found.

Tests show that the Windstormâ„¢ whistle produces a sound which is more easily heard when compared to other popular whistles. Tested by an independent research team under the most demanding scientific methods, the Windstormâ„¢ competed head-to-head for loudness against the most popular whistles in the world. Data derived by powering 4 test whistles at a constant pressure and strong effort prove its loudness. In another test, as the sound is received through a padded football helmet, the Windstormâ„¢ once again outperforms the other whistles.

This whistle performs in all conditions, in any weather or safety situation: blown and heard on land, up to 1/2 mile, and even underwater, up to 50 feet. A high-impact, non-corroding thermoplastic protective housing is easy to grasp, and the patented double chamber design allows it to be blown when held right side up or upside down, forcing all water to be purged when the whistle is blown.

What is the difference between the Storm whistle and the Windstorm whistle?

The All-Weather Safety Whistles comes in two styles: the Storm and the Windstorm.
The Storm is the original All-Weather Safety whistle, and has been carefully designed to produce the most powerful sound waves possible, and can be heard through walls, through glass and through water. The Storm whistle is the loudest whistle in the world, and can be heard over a quarter of a mile through trees and over a half mile over water.
Over the years, however, a number of our customers desired a whistle that was a little more compact. They wanted a whistle small enough to fit into a hand bag, on keys, oron a life preserver, but loud enough to be unequivocally heard. For that reason, we developed the smaller and more compact Windstorm safety whistle. Though much smaller, the Windstorm is still the second loudest whistle in the world?only a few decibels behind the Storm.
As the most powerful whistle in the world, the Storm is, easy to hold, easy to hear, and is used by safety and rescue teams around the world. The Windstorm whistle is simply the more compact and sleek version of the Storm whistle, with a slightly lower decibel rating. Both whistles have waterproof capabilities, tremendous power, and sleek design.
Together, the Storm and Windstorm whistle make the greatest whistles in the world.

When asked this question, Dr. Wright responds that, "as a Boy Scout leader, I use the Storm whistlewhile making sure that the scouts have a Windstorm."

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Windstorm Safety Whistle
Windstorm Safety Whistle
Windstorm Safety Whistle

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